Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dear wifey - Writing the blazing brain

Dear wifey,

Do you know why I often state that I like writing? It is because writing bring a lot of advantages. Writing in here is unformal writing like journal, blog or some short programming blog post and not technical academic writing where you are really superior.

One of the main advantages of writing is organize how we think and maintaining idea. Human brain is enermously awesome. It is our microprocessor that allows us to process so many things in very fast time concurrently. In detail it works by transmitting many signals between so many neuron. There will be sometime that we think many things at once. Jumping from here and there but nothing in focus. In other chances maybe one time we have a great idea. We are cultivating the idea inside the brain. Polish it and modify it. Somehow in not too long time simple distraction can make us totally forgot about that idea. Didding up that idea beal will be need a big effort if not possible at all.

Here comes writing to help manage the idea and how we think. Writing help us to organize large amount of ideas that floating in our head. We start focus by choosing the one that took most of our interest. Write something about it in self brainstorming phase. As the times goes usually the ideas will evolved and enhanced by itself. I have proved that statement. As an example even before writing the code most of the software development methodology encourage to write uses case first. Use case is human textual definition of the software. From that description we will separate some software parts and modules. Only after those steps finished we can start code. Those steps will make sure we will walk in correct path. Without proper writing the idea the possibility of wiriting wrong software will be to obvious.

Wow that was too technical thing in describe the advantage of writing, isn't it? Let see another advantage. Writing is very useful to finding yourself. In many advatagement of technology, many great inventions and exploration human still not get to know well about... himself. Indeed there is no suchway of finding biggest mystery in the world by only writing. However I have proved in some parts as well, writing as a media to know myself. How its works? The main example is writing journal routinely. As have been said above, our brains hit by millions or billions of idea everyday. Writing will help us to choose what is matter most to think.

As an easy reason how many advantages above can be proved, can be seen from the fact that most smartest people that ever live on earth are also a good writer. Of course there will be some exceptions. I will elaborate this maybe in another opportunity.

However regarding many advantages it has, still, writing is difficult task to do, even how much we like it. Start writing something and the suddenly lost in the middle is very common among people. In my school time, there were some occations where I have writing assignments. I will type the task use type writer. At the beginning it seems smooth. I type letter by letter and word by word. Until only 2 or 3 paragpraphs I stucked and cannot move further as if my brain run out information. I take out the paper, make it round like a ball with my hand and throw it to rubbish bin. Writing need a great effort and discipline. Even most experienced writer will face "writers block" moment some time in their life. The moment when a writer cannot find idea what to write. There is no "eaters block" right?

Recently I read an interesting article about the power of discomfort. To achieve success we will need great effort such as continuously learning and finding idea. However there is a missing piece. To be success people have to accept discomfort feeling in their process. Writing is hard and often make us discomfort and stop in the middle. Only the once that can surpress that discomfort feeling can successfully finding himself.

PS: I love you. Wait me in a beautiful nuance of europe in a few weeks.

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